Super 9 Winners

23/11/2015: Congrats to our two Super 9 winners over the weekend. We had a $900 and $500 winner. Remember our Super 9 game generally always pays more than our regular game posted prizes, and the pot is never depleted after it is won, the jackpot amount changes from session to session depending on what balls have been precalled for it. See our Jackpots page for more information.

Welcome to Bingo Esquimalt
where Customer Service is #1

Bingo Esquimalt won the Customer Satisfaction Award from the British Columbia Lottery Corporation for each of the 4 years the award was presented:
2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Bingo Esquimalt was number 1
when compared to all of the other 27 Commercial Bingo Halls and Community Gaming Centres in British Columbia.

NYE Tickets

NYE Tickets go on sale December 1st!