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    Big Bucks Bingo

    8:00 pm session Aug 24th

    $75 Regulars $150 Doubles $500 min Colossus

    $1000 Big Bucks Bingo Game

    Collect vouchers Monday through Wednesday for play off cards

    noon session Aug 25th

    $50 Regulars $100 Doubles $500 min Colossus

    $500 Big Bucks Bingo Game

Colossus Jackpot

30/07/2015: Wowza the Colossus Jackpot has been won twice in 24 hours! Once for $4000 in 50#s, and today for $2000 in 50#s!

Welcome to Bingo Esquimalt
where Customer Service is #1

Bingo Esquimalt won the Customer Satisfaction Award from the British Columbia Lottery Corporation for each of the 4 years the award was presented:
2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Bingo Esquimalt was number 1
when compared to all of the other 27 Commercial Bingo Halls and Community Gaming Centres in British Columbia.

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Facebook is now live again, we apologize for any inconvenience. Facebook thought that we were an online gambling business, rather than a community bingo hall. You can go back to referring to Facebook for the most updated information.