Free Game Frenzy

20/10/2016: Another fun Free Game Frenzy night is tomorrow. What would you do if you won $1500?

Winsday Winners

09/09/2016: Congrats to our Winsday winners who won a total of $365 in addition to regular prizes. That’s an average of more than $50 each!

Fantastic Fridays

09/01/2016: New Fantastic Fridays with a $500 free draw. Check out the promotions page for details.

Game Show Style Games

07/06/2016: Join us for some fun game show style games during our noon session this Friday, June 10th. You could win merchandise + $100 cash!

Thank You!

31/05/2016: Thank you to everyone who turned out for our Price is Right themed birthday party. We had a great time playing games with everyone, and congratulations to our winner who won a small appliance package from Capital Iron.

Victoria Day

20/05/2016: We are open 9:00 am – midnight on Victoria Day with King or Queen played every session.

Price is Right Themed Birthday Party

10/05/2016: Collect your draw tickets every session for your chance to be featured in our Showcase Showdown during our 29th Birthday Party on May 29th. See our event for all the details.

Buccaneer Days

29/04/2016: We’re gearing up for another fun Buccaneer Days promotion. See our events page for all the details.

Chase the Ace

14/01/2016: Only 24 cards left in the deck. Will you pull the Ace and win $1077?